Uponor Radio 24V controller+interface C-56+I-76

For receiving and transforming of radio signals from the thermostats,
with integrated DEM functions

Consisting of:
- Controller C-56
- Interface I-76
- Antenna
- Connecti ...

Uponor Radio 24V controller C-56

For receiving and transforming of radio signals from the thermostats,
to use the DEM function with the I-76.

Consisting of:
- Controller C-56
- Antenna
- Cables for connection ...

Uponor Radio 24V user interface I-76

The Interface (I-76) is designed to offer Night Set Back (NSB) of the internal room temperatures when used in conjunction with the Controller Radio (C-56). The modernly styled Interface has user frien ...

Uponor Radio 24V disp. thermostat T-75

The display thermostat T-75 display radio is designed as a wireless single room temperature sensor. It measures and displays the percieved room temperature and transmitting the values to the wireless ...

Uponor Radio 24V mounting kit T-75

Accessory for T-75 display thermostat. Usable as table stand or wallplate with adhesive sticker for sticking to smooth surfaces.

Consisting of:
- Mounting plate with clip
- Braket

Uponor Radio 24V standard thermostat T-55

The Thermostat T-55 is an easy-to-use radio thermostat that incorporates conventional thumb wheel control to adjust the room temperature set point.

Consisting of:
- T-55 room thermostat

Uponor Radio 24V public thermostat T-54

Radio thermostat with inside setting to adjust the room temperature set point.

Consisting of:
- T-54 Thermostat public
- 2 X AAA bataries
- Mounting Material


Uponor Radio 24V remote access module R-56

Allows remote access to switch between Eco or Comfort settings. For connection with the radio thermostat T-54 or the or the wired timer I-36.
Very useful for holiday homes.

Consisting of: ...

Uponor UCS Accessory floor sensor

Floor sensor attached to a 4m cable for use with the T-33, T-36, T-37, T-38 and T-54 Thermostats to enable control over the maximum or minimum floor temperature.

Uponor outdoor sensor

Outdoor sensor
for connection to the Thermostats with external input
with Sensor box and seperate 5 m cable
Has to be connected to thermostat T-54 in a system with
Interface I-76 to d ...

Uponor UCS Accessory installation cable

Twisted pairs cable to connect:
- Interface to Controller
- Controller to Controller
- Extension for Antenna cable

Uponor SPI Radio 24V repeater

To enhance the radio transmission between the radio thermostat and the radio controller C-56 or climate controller C-46 in buildings with potential of electro-magnetic disturbances.

Consiting ...

Uponor Radio 24V KNX media coupler R-76

for connecting the C-56 radio room control system to a standard KNX bus. This device will act as a interface between the C-56 Radio and the KNX wired bus.

Conformity: CE
Protection Class: ...