Uponor Siccus 14 panel

Pipe fixing panel for butt joint installation; with pipe channels for the installation of heat emission plates or Uponor PE-Xa pipes
14 x 2 mm and Uponor MLCP pipes 14 mm
Material: Expanded p ...

Uponor Siccus 14 heat emission plate

For installation on Uponor lightweight panel; ensures uniform heat distribution and proper fixture of Uponor PE-Xa pipes 14 x 2 mm and Uponor MLCP RED radiant heating pipes 14 x 1.6 mm; with double pe ...

Uponor Multi foil

For installation on Uponor insulation or on standardised insulating material approved as clamp protection. Prevents screed penetrating the underlying insulation.

Uponor Comfort Pipe

PE-Xa pipe with an oxygen diffusion layer of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) in natural colour with a blue stripe. Complying with EN ISO 15875 “Plastic piping systems for hot and cold water installation ...

Uponor MLC pipe white

Diffusion-tight multi-layer composite pipe (PE-RT - adhesive - longitudinally welded aluminium - adhesive - PE-RT) for distribution conduits, rising mains and connection lines for plumbing, radiator c ...

Uponor Q&E coupling, rings DR

For connection of Uponor PE-Xa pipes, made of brass.

Uponor Q&E ring natural, eval

Made of PE-Xa. Uponor PE-Xa rings natural intended for Uponor Q&E Fittings.

Uponor Press coupling

Made of tin-plated brass, with fixed press sleeve, stop ring, pressed identification, colour code and test safety. Press without bevel.