Uponor Minitec nubfoil self-adh

Designed as sturdy pipe fixing panel of minimum height, with integrated pipe laying channels for correct pipe laying distances; designed for Uponor Minitec PE-Xa pipes 9.9 x 1.1 mm; allowing for strai ...

Uponor Minitec Comfort Pipe

PE-Xa pipe with an oxygen diffusion layer of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) in natural colour with a blue stripe. Complying with EN ISO 15875 “Plastic piping systems for hot and cold water installation ...

Uponor Minitec coupling, rings

For Uponor Minitec Comfort pipe 9,9x1,1, consisting of:
- 1 coupling
- 2 PEX Q&E rings for secure connection
Material: Coupling made in brass; PEX Q&E rings made in high-pressure
cross ...

Uponor Minitec ring natural

For Uponor PE-Xa pipe 9.9 x 1.1 mm; to secure fixing to Minitec fittings.
Material: High-pressure cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa)

Uponor Minitec adapter male thread, ring

For connection of Uponor PE-Xa pipes 9.9x1.1mm, consisting of:
- 1 adapter
- 1 PEX Q&E rings for secure connection.
Material: coupling made in brass; PEX Q&E rings made in high pressure

Uponor Minitec edging strip PE self-adh.

Edging strip for high performance panel conforming to DIN 18560, made of polyethylene with self-adhesive backing, self-adhesive strip on outer face provides tight seal between edging strip and insulat ...

Uponor Minitec expansion joint profile

Self-adhesive clamp-on profile element for high performance panel made of hard PVC with polyethylene foam expansion strip, for the reliable separation of screed sections (e.g. in doorways), and to abs ...

Uponor Minitec joint protection tube

Made of PE-LD, with slit opening, for protection of pipes up to 9.9 mm in areas of expansion joints.
Length: 300 mm

Uponor Fix clamp track

U-profile strip made of recycled material, with integrated pipe holder for 9.9 x 1.1 mm Uponor PE-Xa pipes.
Length of track: 2.5 m
Width of track: 24 mm
Space between pipe holders: 20 mm c ...

Uponor Q&E expansion tool with heads M12 6bar

Battery powered expander tool for 6 bar pipes up to dimension 32mm and for 10 bar pipes up to 28 mm.
Auto-rotating with M12 expander heads.
< 10seconds full expansion onto a joint
< 2.2kg ...

Uponor Q&E head

Uponor Q&E expansion head 9,9 to be used with Milwaukee M12 tool