Uponor Klett panel roll Extra

Heat/sound insulation roll panel, consists of tear-resistant loop foil matching with the hook fastening tape wound around the Klett MLCP or Pex-a pipes, laminated onto EPS according to DIN EN 13163 an ...

Uponor Klett panel

Pipe fixing panel , for thermal insulation according to DIN EN 13163 and DIN 4108-10; made from EPS rigid foam with laminated textile adhesive foil for overlap installation; foil extending on one side ...

Uponor Multi tape roll

Roll length 66m.

Uponor Klett Comfort Pipe

PE-Xa pipe with an oxygen diffusion layer of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) in natural colour with a blue stripe. Complying with EN ISO 15875 “Plastic piping systems for hot and cold water installation ...

Uponor Klett MLCP RED

Diffusion-tight multi layer composite pipe (PE-RT - adhesive agent - longitudinally welded aluminium - adhesive agent - PE-RT) for radiant heating / cooling applications. Normally inflammable, materia ...

Uponor Klett gloves for hauling

for a better handling from the Uponor Self Attaching Pipes.

Uponor Q&E coupling, rings DR

For connection of Uponor PE-Xa pipes, made of brass.

Uponor Q&E ring natural, eval

Made of PE-Xa. Uponor PE-Xa rings natural intended for Uponor Q&E Fittings.

Uponor Press coupling

Made of tin-plated brass, with fixed press sleeve, stop ring, pressed identification, colour code and test safety. Press without bevel.