Uponor Classic steel mesh, coated

For stable attachment of pipe fixations and standard installation of underfloor heating pipes. Dim. 2100mm x 1200mm.
Material: corrosion protected steel.

Uponor Classic steel mesh

3mm wire steel mesh 100mm distance without primer suitable to use in combination with Uponor Classic Clips 16, 17, 20mm for fixing Uponor PE-Xa pipes. Meshes without primer.

Uponor Multi foil

For installation on Uponor insulation or on standardised insulating material approved as clamp protection. Prevents screed penetrating the underlying insulation.

Uponor Multi foil

Multi-layer reflection and impact foil, designed to improve thermal insulation and distribution; also serving as
damping course. With printed raster.
Load capacity: 15 kN/m²
Roll width: 1 ...

Uponor Classic steel mesh clip

Plastic clip for fixation of 15-20mm pipes on steel mesh below or equal 6mm.

Uponor Classic tying wire

For fastening Uponor pipes on reinforcement steel meshes. Made of steel.
250 pcs per bag.

Uponor Multi cable ties

For fastening pipes on reinforcement steel meshed.
Made of polyamide.

Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS

PE-Xa pipe with an oxygen diffusion layer of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol), with an extra outer protection layer in white colour with two blue stripes. Complying with EN ISO 15875 “Plastic piping syst ...

Uponor Q&E coupling, rings DR

For connection of Uponor PE-Xa pipes, made of brass.

Uponor Q&E ring natural, eval

Made of PE-Xa. Uponor PE-Xa rings natural intended for Uponor Q&E Fittings.