Uponor Geo Vertis weight, sink

Round sink weight with lifting points at the bottom and ears at the end , filled PE-jacket with mineral and cast iron

Uponor Geo bioethanol concentrate


Uponor Geo Pipe plug

for Uponor PE-Xa pipes SDR11

Uponor Geo spacers

Inner Distance element for energy piles for pipe dimension 25 mm.

Uponor Geo pressure monitoring fitting

for pressure tests regarding EN 805. Brass Screw Connection for Uponor PE-Xa pipe including valve cap with air pressure scale 200 kPa.

Uponor Multi cable ties

For fastening pipes on reinforcement steel meshed.
Made of polyamide.

Uponor Classic tying wire

For fastening Uponor pipes on reinforcement steel meshes. Made of steel.
250 pcs per bag.

Uponor Multi bend support string plastic

Supporting element for adjustable bendings, Plastic .