Uponor Geo Pipe insulation

Uponor Geo warning tape

Uponor Geo hook

usable for Ground Energy PE-Xa pipe, Ø 25 - 40 mm, steel

Uponor Multi cable ties

For fastening pipes on reinforcement steel meshed.
Made of polyamide.

Uponor Classic tying wire

For fastening Uponor pipes on reinforcement steel meshes. Made of steel.
250 pcs per bag.

Uponor Classic twisting tool

For twisting of the tying wires while fixing the pipe on steel meshes.

Uponor Contec mats DE Q

To fix supply and return pipes or for flexible handlaid areas on the building site.
Grid: 150 x 150

Uponor Classic steel mesh, coated

For stable attachment of pipe fixations and standard installation of underfloor heating pipes. Dim. 2100mm x 1200mm.
Material: corrosion protected steel.

Uponor Geo bioethanol concentrate